Commitment. Integrity. Experience.

46 years on, PACSEA continuously strives to remain the preferred source for employment and human resource development. Incorporated in 1973 and founded on intrinsic positive Filipino values, the company has remained steadfast in ensuring unsurpassed customer satisfaction as it puts clients at the heart of its operations and maintaining strong values.

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International Standard Manpower

Our manpower passes the most stringent qualifications to meet the requirements of countries all over the world.

Express Processing and Deployment

PACSEA can expedite the documentation process to make sure your manpower needs are deployed and in transit at the quickest possible time.

Available Globally

Our extensive experience with the deployment process has given us an advantage with regards to meeting the requirements of countries labor codes for international workers.



Add your resume and let your next job find you


Expedited Processing Best

Expedited Processing: PACSEA’s services and operations have been streamlined over years of working with agencies and clients from all over the world. We have developed a process that lets us deploy our manpower anywhere around the globe and into your workforce

Improved Client Accessibility through our IRIS program

Improved Client Accessibility: Utilizing our custom made program for our clients, we provide detailed listings of our available manpower on hand for easier access and searching. Our clients can easily scan our database of professionals for quicker processing and deployment of their required manpower.

Most Qualified Applicants to choose from

Best and Most Qualified Applicants: Here at PACSEA we hold our company to the highest standards. It is with this same bar that we recruit and process our applicants for clients. Our guarantee to field the best manpower for our clients is always at the forefront of our goals.

24-7 customer support.

24/7 Customer Support : At PACSEA, our clients needs will always be our top priority. Our on-call staff are always ready to take calls and inquiries 24/7. Our experience at personnel handling is top notch and our staff is ready at a moments notice to make sure troubleshooting, processing and deployment are handled in the […]

International Standard and Compliance

PACSEA has maintained the international standards required to operate on a global scale competitively. Our company is dually licensed in the Philippines to deploy both land and seabased manpower. Our ISO9001 Accreditation is regularly updated to make sure we pass standards that make us globally competitive.

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